Bricetin Concrete and Brick Restoration – Windsor, Tecumseh, LaSalle, Lakeshore

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Concrete Contractor in Windsor-Essex

Let Bricetin’s over 30 years of experience prove how concrete should be done. Driveways, Sidewalks, Garage Floors, Patios, Hot Tub Pads, Pool Decks

All concrete work is completed with the highest degree of craftsmanship from starting with a proper crushed stone base to ending with the perfect finish. We offer swirl, broom, stamped and exposed aggregate finishes. We specialize in a hand finished swirl (rosette), providing uniformity and a strong surface. We also offer straight or curved concrete forms, allowing your vision to become reality.

For any flatwork, we pour a minimum of 4” thick, high quality, 32 mPa concrete that is delivered ready-mixed and properly finished. Proper grade and fall is always set to ensure proper drainage and mitigate ice buildup. Rebar dowels are used when necessary and all flatwork is embedded with mesh wire for increased integrity.


A variety of coloured concrete is available for an additional cost and can be combined with any type of finish.


Relief joint cuts are made to help mitigate unwanted cracks in the concrete.  Topsoil is brought in to level out the area in order to avoid any tripping hazards. All waste is removed and the area is power washed to ensure the jobsite is left in pristine condition.