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Dependable Concrete Contractors in Windsor, ON


Looking for genuine and experienced concrete repairing or installation services? Bricetin Concrete Restoration Inc. has been serving the people of Windsor, ON with their exceptional concrete repair and restoration services since 1991. We take pride in providing 100% customer satisfaction by identifying the problem and applying customized solutions based on it. Bricetin's staff is constantly undergoing training and education programs to maintain the highest standards. As your trusted concrete contractors in Windsor, we will assist you in making the right decision for your cost-effective concrete restoration.


Promise of No Interruption to Client schedule


We have designed all our services around a fast 'return to service' schedule which decreases the amount of time your space is unusable. Many facets of the commercial industry require continuous production, with little to no downtime. By employing one-step services, combined with extremely fast cure cycles, we can usually perform our services with zero interruption to the customer's schedule.
We encourage you to contact us with any concerns you may have, to set up a no obligation consultation with one of our
restoration specialists.


Cost-effective Concrete Repair and Installation in Windsor

Since 1991, Bricetin Concrete Restoration’s commitment to quality craftsmanship has satisfied customers through our work, repairing and restoring damaged or deteriorated concrete. Our focus has always been on finding cost-effective, time-saving solutions for our customers.


Bricetin is a solution-based organization; we believe in working closely with our customers. We identify the area of concern with their concrete structure and design and implement a full-scale restoration service. Our goal is to discover the initial cause of the issue to prevent any possibility of the problem recurring.


Our Commitment to Great Customer Service

Bricetin Concrete Restoration Inc. offers reliable local concrete contractors in Windsor, ON. We have a team of experts who are committed to providing quality craftsmanship at affordable rates. We offer our services for both residential and commercial projects.

We provide all types of concrete restoration, repair and installation facilities to all our clients. Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction reflects in the following:


We offer a safe working environment

We believe in building long-term relations with our clients

We promote the development of our employees at work

We give equal attention to  small and large scale projects

We offer feasible solutions to our clients

We provide budget pricing in accordance with your needs

We offer assistance with problem identification


As the trusted concrete contractors of Windsor dwellers, we strive to provide them with outstanding services and fixing any problem the first time itself.