Basement Waterproofing in Windsor, Essex County & Lakeshore

Basements are often put to multiple uses. From parking vehicles to using it as a laundry room to storing hot water tanks and HVAC equipment, basements are usually the go-to places for all these works.

Basements are, by nature, imperfect concrete structures built in varying types of soil. Water in the soil seeps into the concrete and creates leaks through the floors, walls and joints. Dealing with leaky basements is a problem that has plagued homeowners for over a hundred years; especially in the Windsor/Essex area (including LaSalle, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, Essex County, and Belle River), leaky basements are an all-too-common concern. Bricetin Concrete Restoration can help prevent further leaks, and more importantly further damage with basement waterproofing in Windsor.

Basements form the foundation of your property. It is only natural for the water to accumulate in the basement as it is in a lower gradient, during heavy rains. Prevent this and save all your valuables by waterproofing the basement. In Windsor, Bricetin Concrete Restoration can offer you with quality waterproofing services.

Why Is It Important to Waterproof Basements?

Basements are more than just a place to store things that you need less. Some reasons why is it important to waterproof basements are:
  • Waterproofing prevents flooding. Wet walls lead to a lot of problems. This is a serious threat and can cause damage to the building structure.
  • Prevents moist and mildew. If any part of the building is wet or moist, it can lead to moisture buildup and can weaken the structure. It even prevents the crack formation or porous formation on the surface.

We not only repair the leaky basement from the inside, but we excavate the outside walls of the house and, using the Dimple membrane system, create a barrier between your basement and the outside elements. Our basement waterproofing in Windsor and surrounding area is a permanent solution that is the most reliable and cost effective option available. We are so sure that we offer a 10-year guarantee on our systems. Stop dealing with leaky basements and let Bricetin Concrete Restoration solve your problem.

We also provide installation service for new concrete or concrete restoration services.

Call us! We will fix your leaky basement with our quality waterproofing services in Windsor.

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