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Quality Block and Brick Repair and Restoration in Windsor


Brick structures are classical in design and can endure the test of time while providing insulation to your property and an opulent look. Such constructions make a visual statement and are also a marker of structural stability. However, the glue holding the bricks and blocks together starts to wear off over time, leading to severe damage to your property. Enhance the value of your property by consulting Bricetin Concrete Restoration Inc. to cover the brick deterioration or damage permanently using our advanced brick repair services in Windsor. We are known for our block and brick repairs in Windsor. Our professional restorers accomplish the job in time, without straining your budget. Give us a call today to book our brick repair services today.



What Is Brick Repointing?

Joints in a brick wall can deteriorate with age. When that happens, you should opt for brick repointing. During repointing, we will remove a portion of the deteriorated mortar and rework the joints using new mortar. Repointing will prevent any further water damage through the brick wall and mortar and protect its structural integrity.


Brick repointing is a complicated process and you should leave it to the professionals. We will transform your brick walls and reverse any damage. For more information about our brick repointing in Windsor, please don't hesitate to contact our team. We also provide waterproofing services for basements.


The Benefits of Brick Repointing

The brick and stone foundations of a property can last years with the proper care. However, the mortar between the bricks doesn't have the same shelf life, and you should replace it to protect your property from water damage. Brick repointing has many benefits, such as:

  • Weather protection: When the mortar between your bricks is compromised, it provides an area for the elements to enter your property. Repointing will seal these vulnerable areas and prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

  • Structural integrity: The structural integrity of your building is essential to its longevity. Ageing and weathering can affect the functionality of the mortar between your bricks. Compromised mortar compromises the building's structural integrity, leaving it vulnerable to water damage. Repointing can make a big difference to your building's structure.

  • Appearance: Repointing your bricks is a great way to enhance the look of your property. This process can transform dull brick structures into beautiful buildings that enhance curb appeal. For commercial properties, this means leaving a positive impression on clients, visitors and patrons.

  • Increased property value: The amount of maintenance that potential homeowners think a property requires can impact its value. Most property buyers will want to buy properties that have undergone repairs and maintenance rather than carrying them out themselves. Even if you don't plan to sell your property anytime soon, maintaining its value with practices such as brick repointing is a good decision.

  • Minimal routine maintenance: Repairing small areas of bricks can give your property an uneven look and compromise wall strength. On the other hand, comprehensive brick repointing will take care of the entire structure's requirements.

  • Prevention of heat loss: Aged mortar can allow heat to escape your home in the winter and enter it during the summer. This process can affect your insulation envelope, causing discomfort. Repointing will seal the entry and exit points and enhance your energy efficiency.

  • Money savings: Ignoring cracks and weathering in your mortar might save you money in the short term, but it can definitely worsen the damage over time. Addressing this issue now will help you save money on expensive brick repairs and replacements later.

These are only some of the many advantages of our brick repointing in Windsor. If you have a particular requirement but are unsure if we can help, please contact us.

What Is the Difference Between Brick Repairs & Brick Restoration?

At Bricetin Concrete Restoration Inc., we offer brick restoration and brick repair in Windsor. Brick repair solutions focus mainly on a certain number of bricks that might have sustained damage. We might have to replace a certain number of bricks to restore structural strength. Clients opt for brick repairs when they detect cracks on a few bricks.


Brick restoration, on the other hand, aims at restoring bricks to their original condition. This process might involve removing and replacing bricks and then refinishing. Brick restoration is generally for the whole structure rather than a few areas that might have suffered weathering and damage. Generally, brick restoration is for preserving older buildings.


Often people use these terms interchangeably, but they mean slightly different things. Brick repairs are minor projects, but restorations involve more extensive work. If you're undecided about whether you require brick repairs or restorations, please schedule a visit with us. We will assess your property and determine the best course of action. Besides this, we can also provide you with foundation repairs.



Is It Possible to Repair Damaged Masonry?

Yes, absolutely. We can repair damaged masonry or replace the bricks if the area is small. When you notice cracks in your brick walls, you must act quickly. Quick repairs prevent the damage from spreading and causing extensive deterioration. It is also important that you identify the source of these cracks to prevent them from deteriorating again. One of the leading causes of cracking is weak mortar, in which case, we can provide repointing services.



Chimney Repair in Windsor, Essex County and Lakeshore

Mortar failure can lead to leaks, moisture build-up, higher utility bills, and so on. If this happens, your house will need to be repointed. Signs that your house needs brick repair are:

• Loose or crumbling mortar

• Cracks in the mortar

• Chunks missing from the mortar 

• Water leakage on the inside of the wall(s)




If you notice any of these signs, Bricetin Concrete Restoration can help!


Depending on the extent of the damage, we may not need to repoint your entire house, but simply fix the deteriorated and damaged areas. We will clear out the old mortar and replace it with mortar that matches the original in colour, texture and permeability. Your house will look brand new and, more importantly, it will be structurally sound.


No matter what your repointing needs are, Bricetin Concrete Restoration Inc. will do the job! Start by contacting us online today for your free inspection and estimate in Windsor. You can also view our gallery to get an idea of our past projects.

Why Hire a Professional?

When you have damaged bricks, you might consider undertaking the repair job yourself. However, a do-it-yourself approach without the required experience, skills, tools and materials will only waste your time and money. There are many reasons to hire professionals like us, such as:

  • Expertise: Professional contractors have years of experience undertaking brick-and-block projects. They can handle issues that can affect your structure's integrity with ease and provide personalized solutions. Their knowledge of construction materials will keep your property safe from further damage.

  • Money and time: Typical laypeople don't have the know-how to handle brickwork. They usually end up wasting time, money and resources when undertaking repairs. On the other hand, Brick contractors will devise solutions quickly and carry out the job efficiently.

  • Maintenance: We strongly believe that maintenance and construction go hand in hand. When carrying out the repair work on your property, brick contractors will ensure that your whole structure is in good condition and will identify problems, if any.

  • Materials: Laypeople don't have adequate knowledge of the materials used in brickwork. Professionals have access to the materials they need to carry out your repairs and will educate you about your options.


Would you like to discuss your project with us? Our contractors would love to address your queries and concerns. We also provide concrete services.



Use Our Expertise and Customer Care

By staying educated in the field of block and brick restoration, through continuous training and knowledge about technological progressions, Bricetin Concrete Restoration Inc. in Windsor, is capable to predict potential problems with the structure and installation. Our highly-trained and experienced restorers ensure you get quality service without spending a hefty amount. The team visits your location and assesses the problem, based on which a personalized restoration plan is created. The professionals take into account your busy schedule, hence the task is accomplished without interrupting your work schedule.


You can rely on us for your next brick repair project in Windsor, whether it is on your commercial or residential property. Read the testimonials to know what our customers have to say.


Great Customer Service

We are who we are because of the trust we have established with our customers in both the residential and commercial sectors. We strive for customer satisfaction as our customers are our priority. You can increase your property value with well-maintained brickwork that provides structural stability. The following benefits are offered by Bricetin Concrete Restoration Inc. in Windsor:


Cost-effective projects

Small and large-scale projects


Experienced staff

State-of-the-art tools

Quality craftsmanship


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