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Foundation Repair in Windsor, Essex County & Lakeshore Areas


Foundation is the base of every home. Your entire home rests on it. When something goes wrong with the structure, the entire home is affected. Bricetin Concrete Restoration Inc. can provide you with reliable foundation repair services in Windsor. We are known for providing fast, effective and dependable foundation repair in Windsor. No matter what kind of repairs you need for your foundation, our experts always have a quick solution.

If you suspect a problem with your foundation, it is best to tackle the problem right away; the sooner you fix a failing foundation, the less damage it will cause. If left unchecked, a settling, shifting, or failing foundation can cause major structural damage to your home. In a commonly wet region like Windsor/Essex, an ounce of prevention can go a long way to keeping your home at its best.

What Is Foundation Repair?

Generally, foundation repair is a blanket term that can delineate numerous corrective procedures. With that being said, foundation repair aims to restore strength and stability to a property's core structure. It can involve installing supports under a property and raising the foundation to its original position before it becomes damaged. Some might call the process 'foundation levelling.' However, the result might not have an evenly levelled home. Instead, the process focuses on making the foundation more functional and bringing the property to its original elevation, which might not be level.


Would you like to learn more about our foundation repair in Windsor? Please don't hesitate to speak to our team. You can find out how we've helped others in the past by viewing our testimonials section.



What Causes Foundation Problems?

The most common cause behind foundation issues is water. Movements can occur in the foundation as a result of the underlying soil shrinking and swelling due to the presence of moisture. Insufficient drainage can also cause various structural issues. Plumbing issues under the property's base can also lead to foundation damage. Other than that, significant clay content in soil can affect a structure's integrity.


If left neglected, foundation problems can cause severe issues. Loss of property value, leaks, infrastructural damage and equipment damage are only some of them. In extreme scenarios, a building might even collapse.


Are you unsure about whether you require foundation repair in Windsor? Please schedule an inspection with us. We also provide block and brick repair.



Signs You Require Foundation Repair

Unfortunately, the symptoms of a failing foundation don’t reveal themselves overnight. Instead, your foundation settles, shifts, or fails little by little, exposing signs along the way that most homeowners overlook. Since addressing problems early is the key to minimizing damage, it's important to know what to look for. Keep an eye out for these telltale signs:

  • Doors that stick or squeak when opened

  • Windows that squeak when opened or closed

  • Door frames separating from the door sill

  • Curling or separating wallpaper

  • Bowed walls, particularly in the basement

  • Bowed foundation walls

  • Cracks where walls meet other walls, the corners of window/door frames, or brick fireplaces

  • Un-level floors

  • Nails popping out for no apparent reason

  • Gaps forming between the house and attachments, such as patios or stoops

Do not ignore the cracks in your concrete slab. Immediately call us to get your foundation repaired in Windsor. Foundation cracks left too long can undermine the home’s structural integrity.


No matter what your foundation problem is, Bricetin Concrete Restoration Inc. can find the perfect solution for you! Let us help you by calling us or contacting us online today for your free foundation inspection and estimate in Windsor.



The Benefits of Foundation Repair

When your home's foundation is compromised, repairing it is the only option. If you're on the fence about investing in foundation repair, we invite you to consider the benefits that doing so offers:


Prevent water stagnation: Cracks and fissures in your foundation will provide room for water to stagnate. These areas will be ideal breeding grounds and a residence to pests, mould and insects that can further compromise your structural integrity. Foundation repair will seal these cracks and gaps in your home's foundation.


Optimize insulation: Cracks in your foundation allow outside air to enter your property. This affects your insulation envelope, disrupting indoor temperatures and forcing your HVAC systems to work harder. A foundation repair will seal the system and ensure your indoor temperature is undisturbed.


Increases property values: A damaged foundation will bring down your property's value. A comprehensive foundation repair will repair all the issues with your structure, increasing your home's value on the market. Moreover, a prompt foundation repair will help you save money on expensive repairs for more significant damage later.


Peace of mind: Lastly, foundation repair will provide you with peace of mind. You won't have to worry about water flooding your basement and rats infesting your home. With our professional foundation repair, you can rest assured knowing that your home will be safe.


Do you want to discuss your options for foundation repair in Windsor? We would love to have a chat. Besides this, we can also help you with concrete services.



Contact Us

Attending to foundation repairs early can help you save money on expensive repairs. It can also prevent damage to your property and avoid a host of other issues. We have years of experience providing foundation repair services in Windsor. If you'd like to know more about what we do or get a quote, please contact us today.

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